180 Credit Solutions Review – Scam or Great insurance?

PROS: 180 Credit Solutions dispute items with the main three credit authorities and also with your creditors.

CONS: By phone, we were not able to reach out 180 Credit Solutions.

VERDICT: When compared to other organizations, 180 Credit Solutions is offering a credit repair at a faster rate on our lineup. However, it is good to know that faster service might not be the most efficient service.

180 Credit Solutions Review

180 Credit Solutions Review

It is for a moderate period of two to three months that the 180 Credit Solutions offers credit repair to customers. It does not provide a large portion of the program features which few of the best services offer, however it advertises a comparatively high credit score rise of up to 260 points. Depending on your credit situation the outcomes might differ.

Support and Service

Through phone we have contacted 180 Credit Solutions numerous times during various days and times. We were unable to connect to a representative even though phone numbers are recorded on its website. Yet, this organization was responsive to our email inquiries and addressed our inquiries by means of email.

Through 180 Credit Solutions, there are few additional educational resources available. In order to help you in learning more regarding the finances and credit, this organization has six subjects accessible on its site during the time of this review. Yet it has no educational blog just like few of the other services do.

Cost and Fees

Monthly service charge needs to be paid in order to work with 180 Credit Solutions. Depending on your credit situation, the cost of this fee differs so as the setup fee. On your first payment, your partner and you both will get a discount of $50 if you sign up for credit repair service with a partner. You do not have to stress on thinking about a pull credit report fee as this organization do not pull your credit report for you. But, you will need to pull your own credit report. Money-back guarantee is offered by the 180 Credit Solutions in case if their services do not work out for you.

Time period

This credit repair organization declares that their customers on average notice a 90 to 260 credit score increment. Remember that your actual outcomes might fluctuate. As with all credit repair organizations, this organization can only discard inaccurate hits to your credit, which consists of items that the creditors and authorities cannot prove are valid.

With 180 Credit Solutions, an average customer works for two to three months. Even though the time spent with this organization may be longer or shorter relying upon the number of items you have to dispute on your report and how long it takes for the creditors and authorities to reciprocate to the disputations. In 30 to 45 days you can hope to start seeing the outcomes.

Program Details

This organization disputes all of the negative things on your credit report without any delay by making it appealing for quick credit repair. Yet, few of the industry experts appeals that disputing all of your negative items at once will make it less likely because of which your claims will be taken into consideration by the authorities making it more compelling to work through your credit report in littler bunches.

180 Credit Solutions works with the three major credit authorities as well as with your creditors too. This is more useful because if the creditors are part of the removal process, it is very obvious that the items taken out from your credit report will not be included back on later. Monthly credit monitoring is also given by this organization. Somehow, any sort of pay for delete negotiations or identity theft protection is not offered. You even need to sign an agreement while working with 180 Credit Solutions. This implies that without penalty you will not be able to cancel your service; contract needs to be followed through till the conclusion.

Pricing per Month

This is the price the company charges monthly for its credit repair services – Less is better

  2. LEXINGTON LAW: $99.95

Customer Services

We made a customer service score to mirror the quality of the administration we got when we called in to each company – Higher is better

  1.  180 CREDIT SOLUTIONS: 75.0 %
  2. LEXINGTON LAW: 75.0 %
  4. THE CREDIT PEOPLE: 75.0 %


This is a score we made to mirror the esteem and level of educational resources each company provides – Higher is better

  1.  180 CREDIT SOLUTIONS: 65.0 %
  2. LEXINGTON LAW: 100.0 %
  4. THE CREDIT PEOPLE: 95.0 %


A high credit score increase over a short period of time is advertised by 180 Credit Solutions. But, in our testing, the customer service was not obtainable by phone, and it has less educational resources compared to few of the other services which offer you to understand more of your credit.