Accredited Debt Relief Reviews – Genuine or Fake Company?

PROS: Accredited Debt Relief is authorized to offer services in 49 states, the utmost on our line-up.

CONS: Averages saving when utilizing Accredited Debt Relief are about regular.

VERDICT: Accredited Debt Relief provides the most extensive service plan by offering numerous types of debt relief services and offers service in the highest number of states. If you need financial help beyond debt consolidation, this makes it a good option.

Editor's Note: This company has informed us of a few changes to their services. Their fees for debt reduction range around 15-25% and the minimum debt amount required is $1,000. We will assess these features when we next revise our reviews of Debt Consolidation Services.

Accredited Debt Relief Review

Accredited Debt Relief Review

Accredited Debt Relief takes an extensive path to debt management. It gives a detailed overview of various debt relief options, including bankruptcy and debt consolidation loans, and also provides various resources you can use to form a budget and learn best money-managing methods. Accredited Debt Relief receives our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award, due to its detailed approach to debt consolidation and education.

Based on our experience contacting customer service,we calculated this score.

Higher is Better

  1. New Era Debt Solutions 90%
  2. National Debt Relief85%
  3. Category Average 81.50%
  4. Accredited Debt Relief 80%

Accredited Debt Relief offers debt consolidation, debt management and debt settlement services. This means that you can select the option that fits your timeline and financial situation, when you choose Accredited. The accredited debt specialists run over your finances with you and help you choose which debt solution is best for you.

Accredited Debt Relief Review – Cost & Fees

When you enrol in a debt consolidation program with Accredited, you start placing funds into a different account. It is essential to mark that you own the account and the money in it. You always have entry to these funds and can withdraw them without penalty at any time.

The quicker you add up this account, the faster you can pay off your debts. After Accredited has consulted your creditors, the cash in this account will go to Accredited service fees and paying off your debts. This company's average reduction after fees is around 25 percent savings and its fees are about average.

The length of your program relies on your ability to set aside funds in your savings account and your financial situation. However, these programs take around 24 to 48 months to complete on average.Licensed Debt Relief does not charge advanced fees or upfront fees, which means you don’t pay anything unless your debts are successfully negotiated.

Accredited Debt Relief Review – Eligibility & Application

You can enrol personal and business debts in Accredited consolidation service, including lines of credit and medical bills and unsecured loans. Other debts, like payday loans and student loans, may not be eligible for consolidation.

The most of any service on our line-up this service covers 49 states. There is a merest debt requirement of $7,500. Though remember that these minimum amounts differ based on the debt you enrol and which state you live in.

Accredited Debt Relief Review – Customer Experience

You can find answers about various debt relief alternatives, such as bankruptcy and counselling, on the company website. The site likewise explains the effect debt consolidation will have on your credit. This information shows you about dealing your finances, yet the site is missing other resources, like budgeting calculators and worksheets.

You work directly with a personal account advisor when you begin the program. During your program,this advisor is your main contact and in your debt program keeps you updated to Accredited’s progress. You can also check your own accounts through the mobile platform and online portal while the advisor will be your main point of contact.

Accredited Debt Relief Review – Company Accreditations

Accredited has accreditations from both the AFCC and IAPDA. The AFCC surveys companies to make sure they are maintaining FTC regulations and not endorsing unethical practices. For personal debt arbitrators,the IAPDA provides training and certifications. For negotiating your debts within the FTC regulations, these trainings give advisors the best tools.

Accredited Debt Relief Review – Summary

This company has a minimum required debt of $7,500 and operates in 49 states. While the average time for finishing a program is around 24 and 48 months, this will rely on dedication to accumulating funds and your debt. For consolidating your debts into a more manageable payment, accredited is a good choice.