Debt Relief – Your Options

Methods Of Debt Relief

Debt Settlement

This helps in reducing your overall debt and is the most helpful form of debt relief available. You begin depositing cash in account and would quit paying your credit providers with debt settlement. Debt settlement experts will handle your debt with creditors once the enough money is deposited.

Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation refers to the act of combining your debts under one obligation. It can be achieved with loans or by different means. These methods may require either a great credit score or a preexisting relationship with the lender. The money you owe is not lowered by this type of debt relief which means if debt is not paid beforehand, you cannot do so after consolidation.

Credit Counseling

Credit counselors are capable of giving you the information needed to handle debt. Good thing about receiving counseling is that it need not cost you anything. Free services are given by credit counselors. It helps you look into your personal debts, their severity and how to enact debt relief. Debt can be eliminated through the knowledge obtained but, you will require displaying discipline to accomplish this form of debt relief. You may easily end up with more debt since debt is not directly affected by the credit counseling.


Extremely useful form of debt relief is bankruptcy which results in the prompt discharge of your unsecured debts. To pay your lenders this absolves your obligation. While this doesn’t lead to secured debts (like car or student loans), it easily knocks out thousands of dollars in personal loans, hospital bills, and credit card debts. It has a very unique problem of sticking on your credit record for up to ten years and reducing your credit score. It helps in preventing you from applying for a car loan, new credit, an apartment, or even a new job.

If you’re looking for applying any form of debt relief then be careful in conducting your research.