MyCreditGroup Review – Insurance Ripoff or Great?

Pros: For its credit repair service, MyCreditGroup offers a competitive couples discount.

Cons: Among the companies we reviewed, setup fee is one of the most expensive.

Verdict: MyCreditGroup provides credit repair at competitive prices and has most of the program features we searched for, yet it has an expensive setup fee and offers minimal supplemental education.

MyCreditGroup Review

MyCreditGroup Review

MyCreditGroup is a credit repair service that attempts to enhance your credit score. It has nearly most of the program features we searched for in our assessment of credit repair companies and if you choose to sign up with a partner, it provides a good couples discount. It additionally has competitive monthly pricing.

Support and Service

We contacted MyCreditGroup many times to evaluate its customer service. Company representatives were helpful through phone and gave transparent, consistent and accurate information. After our initial phone call, MyCreditGroup additionally followed up to check if we had any other questions. But, we did not get a response to our email inquiries. To help you learn about managing your finances and credits, many credit repair companies provide educational resources on their websites. Among supplemental education available, this company had the least.

Cost and Fees

In our review, as with every credit repair company, you have to pay a monthly fee in order to utilize this service. The monthly fee charged by MyCreditGroup is $69 per month, at the time of this review, which is in the low to middle range of monthly fees in the industry. Each of you receives 20 percent off your monthly price, if you sign up with a partner, which is a competitive discount for credit repair.

There is a one-time setup charge of $79, which is the greatest of the companies we reviewed. Although, to pull your credit report there is no fee and this service provides a money-back guarantee. This company doesn’t need a contract, which implies that you can cancel service without incurring a penalty with MyCreditGroup at any time. These prices, fees and discounts are all suggestive of the quotes we got at the time of this review; your quotes may differ.

Time period

a client spends around three to six months of time working with MyCreditGroup, which is somewhat less than the normal companies we reviewed. For a longer or shorter amount of time you might need to work with this service depending on the number of items you need to dispute, the number of deficiencies on your credit report and other factors.

Program Details

The number of features the service disputes at one time differs. If you have many items to dispute, a better path toward permanent credit repair is disputing only a few at a time, than if you were to dispute all of your items at once. MyCreditGroup may dispute fewer items or more items at one time based on your credit repair plan. From the time your disputes are filed, you can expect to start seeing results on your credit report 30 to 45 days, since credit bureaus are required by law to respond to disputes within 30 days.

This service works with the credit bureaus as well as your creditors, which keep negative things permanently deleted from your report if they are inaccurate. This company additionally offers pay for delete negotiations, so by agreeing to pay your creditors, there is a chance you can have even accurate items removed from your credit report.

Pricing per Month

This is the price the company charges monthly for its credit repair services – Less is Better

  • 1  LEXINGTON LAW: $99.95
  • 3  THE CREDIT PEOPLE: $59.0

Customer Services

To reflect the quality of the service we received, we created a customer service score when we called in to each company- Higher is Better

  1. MYCREDITGROUP: 90.0 %
  2. LEXINGTON LAW: 75.0 %
  4. THE CREDIT PEOPLE: 75.0 %


To reflect the value and level of educational resources, this is a score we created that each company provides- Higher is Better

  1. MYCREDITGROUP: 45.0 %
  2. LEXINGTON LAW: 100.0 %
  4. THE CREDIT PEOPLE: 95.0 %


MyCreditGroup offers credit repair service for a competitive price regardless of a lack of educational materials and high setup fee, with a stellar couple’s discount. It additionally provides most of the program features we searched for in our review. The company wasn't responsive to questions sent through email, in our experience, however generally speaking, MyCreditGroup is worth considering as a credit repair service.