National Debt Relief Reviews – Genuine Company or Fake?

PROS: Average after fees, reduction rates, are higher with National Debt Relief than the rates of other companies.

CONS: For customer support with this service, there is no live chat option.

VERDICT: National Debt Relief is one of the good choices for your debt consolidation program with average reductions of total debt at 30 percent.

National Debt Relief Review

National Debt Relief Review

If you are unsure of how to meet monthly payments and your debts are piling up, one option is debt consolidation. Debt consolidation helps you accomplish more convenient monthly payments at lower rates. By working with creditors,National Debt Relief helps its clients in difficult financial situations, in attempts to lower their total debt. This debt consolidation company is our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner, due to the services offered by National Debt Relief and its low fees.

To help you avoid repeating the situation, National Debt Relief provides debt relief services and provides additional counseling and resources. Even though this company tries to help you deal with your debt, it does not want to repeat customers, so it plans to help you find solid, financial footing.

Contacting customer service, we calculated this score based on our experience.

Higher is Better

  1. New Era Debt Solutions 90%
  2. National Debt Relief 85%
  3. Category Average 81.50%
  4. Accredited Debt Relief 80%

National Debt Relief – Cost & Fees

Out of your total enrolled debt, this company charges around 18 and 25 percent. Which implies that your overall reduction debt is around 30 percent. While this is an incredible reduction in debt, the consolidation process requires some time and is not an instant fix.

Due to the FTC regulations, debt consolidation companies cannot charge advanced fees and National Debt Relief complies with this rule. Moreover, it doesn't charge monthly account maintenance price that various other companies on the line-up charge.

Programs with this debt consolidation company take around two to four years on an average. National Debt Relief is well inside the industry average timeline, while other companies may advertise shorter terms. Moreover, it is essential to remember that the length of your program is particular to your financial situation and the total amount of money you can commit to paying your lenders.

For selecting a debt consolidation company,the information a company presents on its website, over the phone and via email is very important. It is compelling when a company gives reliable information about its projects across various platforms.

National Debt Relief thoroughly explains the seriousness and consequences of debt relief programs, on the company website, including debt management programs, debt settlement and debt consolidation. While this may drive away some people, it is praiseworthy for a debt consolidation service to put up the hard truths so that you know what you are getting into.

This service additionally reveals the crucial legal information about the procedure, including regular debt reduction, your consumer rights and fees incurred during the program. While you work closely with your personal advisor, you can likewise manage your account through the mobile app and online.

National Debt Relief – Eligibility & Application

This company keeps its service fees low, hence rather than to paying fees that savings from your consolidation go to you. Before National Debt Relief work with you, it has a minimum debt requirement of $7,500 which you must meet. This $7,500 can be comprised of unsecured debts, such as medical bills, credit cards, and other credit extensions. Although, payday loan and student loan consolidation are frequently exempt from this program.

You have to fill out the online email form to begin this process, and a debt specialist will contact you. You go over your debt relief options during your consultation, the necessities that must be met for a debt consolidation program and time requirements. You will make one low monthly payment to a personal account if you decide to enroll in a program. Later, funds from this account will go to paying off your debts.

It is basic that throughout the program you comprehend that you are still liable for your debts. Your lenders have no obligation to work with National Debt Relief or you and are still in their midst of rights to make collection calls or even sue you.

National Debt Relief – Customer Experience

Additional resources given by National Debt Relief are intended to help you deal your debt and budget for the future. You need more tools to make sure you do not go back into debt, and a consolidation plan can help you come out of debt.

The company website gives a glossary, which characterizes common language in the debt consolidation industry. You can likewise read the FAQs page to get a stronger idea of the risks involved in debt consolidation, the process, and its effects of your credit score. You can contact customer service over the phone or through email if you need further support. Although, to respond to email inquiries we submitted in our tests, National Debt Relief was slow.

National Debt Relief – Company Accreditations

This debt consolidation company is both AFCC and IAPDA certified. It is still a very reputable company even though it is missing a USOBA accreditation. The IAPDA gives certifications and training courses for professional arbitrators. The AFCC reviews companies to make sure they are maintaining the FTC regulations and not infringing upon any laws. Neither of these companies are government body; but each of these companies are known for promoting best practices within the debt consolidation industry.

National Debt Relief – Summary

One of the top debt consolidation companies is National Debt Relief. It charges normal fees for services and in negotiations it has high success rates. The company website provides good information in its FAQs, budgeting resources and videos. These resources help you map out your financial pathway and are a strong addition to your debt consolidation program.