New Era Debt Soutions Reviews – Legit or Fraud Company?

PROS: New Era Debt Solutions offers one of the best deals on the market, with low fees and debt reduction up to 37 percent.

CONS: New Era is not USOBA or AFCC certified.

VERDICT: New Era has some of the highest average reductions on the line-up and low fees for reducing debt, making it a solid decision for debt relief.

New Era Debt Solutions Review

New Era Debt Solutions Review

You may turn to bill consolidation as a solution, if you find yourself struggling to manage your debt. One of the best debt consolidation companies available is New Era Debt Solutions. On the company website, New Era outlines its program on the transparency and truth page. This webpage outlines the consequences of debt consolidation programs and the company policies. The rates this service offers are some of the best in addition to its legacy of transparent practices. Because of high transparency and New Era's low rates, this administration wins our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award for best debt consolidation services.

Contacting customer service, we calculated this score based on our experience.

Higher is Better

  1. New Era Debt Solutions 90%
  2. National Debt Relief 85%
  3. Accredited Debt Relief 80%
  4. Category Average 81.50%

New Era provides counselling for other debt services such as debt management programs and debt consolidation,and provides debt relief in the form of debt settlement. You can find resources that help you budget your finances and manage your debt on the company website.

New Era Debt Solutions – Cost & Fees

Every personal and financial and situation varies; although, on an average, New Era has some of the lowest fees and best success rates of any debt consolidation service. Its rates range around 14 to 20 percent, which is approximately five percent lower than other services we reviewed.

The company's representatives contact your lenders and attempt to bring down rates for your total debt. It can take two to four years to pay off your debts because of the nature of debt consolidation. This service gives consolidation programs that ranges around 36 to 48 months, that is well inside the industry average. Be careful about any company that claims it can consolidate your debt in an incredibly short measure of time. You continue to keep aside funds in a personal account, that you will use to pay off your debts, while your account manager works your creditors.

New Era scored highest in transparency during our tests. It was likewise the most upfront company about the services it offers and process. Its website does not smooth over the hard truth,about the risks it entails and the debt consolidation process. The Transparency and Truth section covers various options for debt relief services so that you can measure your options and pick up the best one for your situation.

New Era Debt Solutions – Eligibility & Application

This is an exclusive company on the line-up which does not have a set minimum amount of debt you should have before enrolling. Before they work with you,many companies set minimum amounts of debt you must have; these range anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000. New Era sees each case separately to determine its needs rather than establishing a flat minimum that you should meet.

When you cannot consolidate secured debts, such as home loans or cars, you can consolidate unsecured debts, like credit card and medical bills debt consolidation. This consolidation company is the fewest amount on our line-up and offers assistance in 18 states. This low number is the greatest disadvantage for this top debt consolidation program; just make sure your state is eligible before seeking for counselling from this service.

New Era Debt Solutions – Customer Experience

The New Era employs knowledgeable representatives, and likewise has helpful resources on its website. These self-guided resources include tips for doing well in your debt consolidation program and a debt relief calculator. These resources help to aim your financial pathway so you are less likely to fail in your program or fall behind in your payments. One thing that New Era excels is at presenting consistent,accurate information across the board.

New Era Debt Solutions – Company Accreditations

Based on our research, AFCC, IAPDA, and USOBA are some of top agencies in the debt consolidation industry that provide accreditation for companies. New Era is IAPDA authorized, which affirms representatives in debt negotiation best practices.

However, New Era is not authorized with the AFCC and USOBA, two agencies we found to be extremely reputable. Although, it is not certified through these agencies, New Era still has a decent reputation within the industry and maintains FTC directions better than other companies we reviewed.

New Era Debt Solutions – Summary

For many reasons,New Era Debt Solutions is the top debt consolidation company on our line-up. It charges some of the lowest fees and has some of the highest average success rates. Also,throughout our interactions with the company,it scored astoundingly well in transparency for giving consistent and upfront information. Although not USOBA or AFCC accredited, New Era has knowledgeable representatives and an upstanding reputation.