Park View Credit Review – Quality Insurance or Scam?

PROS: Out of the services which we have surveyed, Park View Credit is offering the best couples discounts.

CONS: There is an agreement which needs to be signed in order to work with this organization because of which without the penalty you cannot quit this whenever you wish to.

VERDICT: Including competitive pricing, Park View Credit has a great deal to offer. Yet, it has some of the educational resources and also needs an agreement unlike the best services.

Park View Credit ReviewPark View Credit Review

Park View Credit offers large number of the program features which we were looking for in evaluating the best organizations and over an average period of six months it also offers credit repair services. It has only one point of contact where you can reach out to with any sort of trouble or concerns as well as it also has competitive prices.

Support & Service

To test their customer service we also contacted Park View Credit on numerous days at different times. By means of telephone we were able to get in touch with the clients who gave us consistent and clear data. However, this organization never responded to our email enquiries as well as it never caught up with us too.

In order to train you on how to fix your credit there is no additional education given by the Park View. However, you can check out the educational blog, the one that is accessible on the organization’s website.

Cost & Fees

It is with most credit repair organizations where you have to pay a monthly charge for every month while using their credit repair service. Park View Credit works quite in a different manner. Park View Credit prepares an agreement which consist of the complete amount which you will be paying and the time taken by you to work with the organization rather than paying a monthly fee for the services which you need. By depending on what actually is essential to fix your credit, the total amount of credit repair with this organization mostly ends up being $200 to $800. This can be divided into monthly installments or all this can be paid at once also. With Park View Legal a client can work for an average of six months, therefore, if this service is used for an average amount of time then your program may end up costing between $33 and $133 monthly. Comparatively on the high end this is very costly while on the low end this is the cheapest of the organizations in our review. 40 percent off your total cost can be received if you sign up with a partner; this is one of the best discounts ever seen in the industry.

One-time setup fee of $59.95 is desired by this credit repair organization, which is on the more costly end of setup charges. Fee is charged even to get the credit report for you. Yet, money-back guarantee is offered by them.

Time Frame

In the average time of six months Park View advertises that on an average it increases credit scores by 80 to 104 points. Not to forget that the outcomes may differ. You can hope in getting the outcomes in around 45 to 60 days from the time this organization starts disputing items with your creditors and the credit bureaus.

Program Details

This organization can help you from the trouble of finding by yourself the credit report by pulling it out for you. Monthly credit monitoring is also offered by them but there is no identity theft security. It needs an agreement and also does not offer any pay for delete negotiation, therefore this service cannot be cancelled whenever required. The credit repair program which you will be setting up with this organization should be completed.

Pricing per Month

This is the price the company charges monthly for its credit repair services – Less is better

  1. LEXINGTON LAW: $99.95

Customer Services

We made a customer service score to mirror the quality of the administration we got when we called in to each company. – Higher is better

  1. PARK VIEW CREDIT: 75.0 %
  2. LEXINGTON LAW: 75.0 %
  4. THE CREDIT PEOPLE: 75.0 %


This is a score we made to mirror the esteem and level of educational resources each company provides. – Higher is better

  1. PARK VIEW CREDIT: 45.0 %
  2. LEXINGTON LAW: 100.0 %
  4. THE CREDIT PEOPLE: 95.0 %


Attractive couples discount and various other program features like identity theft protection and monthly credit monitoring are offered by the Park View Credit. But, it was not responsive towards the email and in the way of supplemental education on credit repair it has little to offer. Something very important to remember is that once you decide to work with this service, you will be locked into an agreement.