Premier Debt Help Reviews – Legit Business or Big Scam?

PROS: Premier Debt Help has a greater than average reduction rate.

CONS: This company lacks USOBA and AFCC certifications.

VERDICT: Premier Debt Help you save an average measure of overall, yet it has high progress rates in the negotiation procedure, which makes it a great choice.

Premier Debt Help Review

Premier Debt Help Review

This service's specialty is helping you manage your debt to one manageable payment and in debt relief services. This company has a low minimum necessity of $5,000, although this may change depending on your location.

Premier Debt Help – Application

When you start service with Premier Debt Help, just fill out the online form that is found on the company website with the type of debt you owe and your contact information. A debt specialist will get in touch with you to plan for the future and go over your financial situation.

Contacting customer service,we calculated this score based on our experience.

Higher is Better

  1. Premier Debt Help 90%
  2. New Era Debt Solutions 90%
  3. National Debt Relief 85%
  4. Category Average 81.50%
  5. Accredited Debt Relief 80%

Premier Debt Help – Fees

Fees for consultation are 20 percent of your enrolled debt, that is lesser than average. This implies more savings from consolidating your debt go to you, rather than fees. After it has successfully lowered your debt, this service only charges you fees; and no company can charge you before time for these services,according to FTC rules.

Premier Debt Help – Timeframe

With this consolidation company, the bill consolidation program takes around 12 to 42 months. Twelve months may not be applicable to many people's situations and is on the low end of the industry average. Remember that based on your situation your program's length of time may vary and that you should be careful about anyone who tells you that they can easily fix your financial issues. When you enter the program, you are in charge for putting away money into an account; these assets will go toward paying your banks.

You are responsible for your debts throughout the program, and your creditors are within their rights to sue or even call you, however this is uncommon. Although, Premier Debt Help can help you regulate your collection call, it can’t and should not guarantee to stop them.

Debtmerica – Company Accreditations

Choosing a reputable company is importantas debt consolidation is a risky process. Premier Debt Help is IAPDA certified. IAPDA is an industry pioneer for certifying and training debt arbitrators. These trainings guarantee that they will have the best techniques for accomplishing the highest benefits for you and that the representatives follow FTC rules and utilize best practices in their interactions with you.

You are assigned a personal representative throughout your program. Throughout the duration of your debt consolidation program this individual will be your point of contact. Although, if you require further help, you can approach your account through the mobile and online platforms. Moreover, the company website has self-improvement tools, for instance a debt calculator, which helps you figure out how long will it take for you to pay off your debts and your monthly payments.

Premier Debt Help – Summary

You don't pay any upfront fees, including account fees or management fees with Premier Debt Help, which few companies utilize as a loophole to get advance fees. Moreover, this company has low charges for settlement and for lowering debts high success rates.