Sky Blue Credit Repair Review

PROS: Sky Blue Credit Repair offers a decent couples discount.

CONS: This administration obliges you to contract a different administration for your credit draw and credit observing.

Decision: Sky Blue Credit offers competitive costs and publicizes high FICO assessment increments, however it relies on upon outsider administration for credit pulls and observing, which you have to buy independently.

Sky Blue Credit Repair Review

Sky Blue Credit Repair Review

Sky Blue Credit Repair has extended its instructive offerings and now directly works with your lenders to debate things on your credit reports.

Sky Blue Credit is a credit repair service that attempts to reestablish your credit in a normal of six months. It offers cordial client benefit agents that will set aside opportunity to clarify the program without doing a hard-offer. It offers a decent couples rebate, however does not have a large portion of the program highlights we searched for when we evaluated credit repair organizations. Some of these, similar to credit pulls and observing, it gives through outsider administrations, which it can guide you to, however for which you pay additional.

Pricing per month

This is the price the company charges each month for its credit repair services – Less is Better.

  2. LEXINGTON LAW: $99.95

Customer service

We created a customer service score to reflect the quality of the service we received when we called in to each company – Higher is Better

  2. LEXINGTON LAW: 75.0 %
  3. THE CREDIT PEOPLE: 75.0 %


This is a score we created to reflect the value and level of educational resources each company provides – Higher is Better

  2. LEXINGTON LAW: 100.0 %
  3. THE CREDIT PEOPLE: 95.0 %

Support and Service

We connected with Sky Blue Credit a few times on different days and times to test its client support to potential clients. In general, we had great encounters with agents from this organization. They gave straightforward and exact data, were receptive to email and easy to get ahold of via telephone. Nobody caught up with us, be that as it may.

This organization likewise gives some supplemental training to enable you to take in more about credit and funds. The general number of themes it spreads was lower than normal, yet it offers an instructive blog to enable you to take in more about how credit functions and how to gain back in power of your accounts.

Cost and Fees

Sky Blue's general charges are reasonable and contrast well with the normal cost of other credit repair administrations we looked into. To utilize Sky Blue's administration, you should pay a monthly expense of $59, charged toward the finish of the month, and there is a $59 set up expense when you initially select. Couples markdown of 17% off the setup and monthly charges is connected on the off chance that you agree to accept this acknowledges repair benefit for an accomplice. You should pull your credit report through an outsider administration, however there are no extra expenses on top of this, and this organization offers an unconditional promise. These costs are right as of the season of this survey; contingent upon your particular circumstance when you investigate this organization, your quotes might be distinctive.

Time span

Most customers work with Sky Blue Credit for a normal of six months, however your program may be shorter or more, contingent upon your circumstance. This credit repair organization promotes in the vicinity of 100 and 200 focuses added surprisingly score. Keep in mind this may shift enormously contingent upon your credit report and circumstance. In the event that the credit departments can demonstrate that a negative hit on your report is substantial, it can't be expelled.

You ought to hope to start seeing results on your credit report inside 30 days from the time Sky Blue starts debating things on your report. This organization normally question 15 things on your report without a moment's delay over the three noteworthy credit departments. A few organizations question every one of your things without a moment's delay, attempting to get the greatest change rapidly. Other credit repair benefits just question a modest bunch at any given moment since they accept an excessive number of debates without a moment's delay expand the possibility of having them refused. Sky Blue takes a widely appealing methodology, submitting a greater number of disputes than the more cautious organizations while still not overpowering the credit departments.

Program Details

Sky Blue Credit offers less program highlights than other credit repair organizations we looked into. Amazingly, this organization works with outsider reporting departments for credit reports and checking. It will give you connects to these administrations, which can pull your credit report for you (for an expense) and screen your credit amid the procedure. You can drop that administration whenever. Nonetheless, Sky Blue Credit just works with the acknowledge authorities and not for your creditors, which could imply that the hits on your credit may wind up back on your report. Sky Blue Credit likewise does not offer pay for delete negotiations. Such transactions would enable you to pay off real charges, for the most part at a decreased sum, and consequently, the lender expels the hit from your report.


Sky Blue Credit offers quality client benefit, a great couples rebate and an unconditional promise. It has some instructive elements to enable you to find out about credit repair before you call for help, and it takes a snappy however not excessively quick way to deal with debating charges. Be aware, in any case, that it just works with the credit authorities and not specifically with your creditors, which could possibly make this administration less powerful than other credit repair organizations that work with both.