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The Dead Man's Hand, within the Gilbreath Poker chapter, is one in all many Wild Bill Hickok routines within the Trost sequence. Video poker can also be accessible. 550:388 Twang 17-JUN-94 23:48 Dorje, they will go into techie details when things quiet down If they quiet down - - - - - 550:389 Jonathan Hayes 17-JUN-94 23:48 Thanks for taking a break out of your distress lengthy sufficient to reward the SFnet, Ann. 550:390 Gail j 17-JUN-94 23:Forty eight thanks for the 'n' tip. 550:386 Jonathan Hayes 17-JUN-94 23:Forty eight That is just what makes this so compelling, Jae. 550:391 Jonathan Hayes 17-JUN-ninety four 23:Forty nine The "n" command offers you all the brand new responses. net by the best way/ - - - - - 550:385 Vantage, Jae 17-JUN-ninety four 23:Forty eight knicks by 8, 89-81, tim

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