The Credit People Review – Big Scam or Quality Insurance?

PROS: The Credit People has the some of the most competitive prices in our survey.

CONS: This administration does not offer a portion of the program highlights we searched for, for example, pay for delete negotiations.

Decision: We have positioned The Credit People as one of the best administrations in our audit as a result of its low costs and various instructive choices.

The Credit People Review

Credit People Review

The Credit People is a credit repair organization that offers aggressive costs, different instructive materials and a credit repair group to enable you to enhance your FICO assessment. It likewise offers an unconditional promise, pulls your credit reports for you and has accommodating delegates. These elements and more helped The Credit People gain our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

Pricing per Month

This is the price the company charges each month for its credit repair services – Less is Better

  2. LEXINGTON LAW: $99.95

Customer Services

We created a customer service score to reflect the quality of the service we received when we called in to each company – Higher is Better

  1. THE CREDIT PEOPLE: 75.0 %
  2. LEXINGTON LAW: 75.0 %


This is a score we created to reflect the value and level of educational resources each company provides – Higher is Better

  1. THE CREDIT PEOPLE: 95.0 %
  2. LEXINGTON LAW: 100.0 %

Support and Service

We contacted The Credit People on various days at different circumstances to test its client benefit. Its delegates were accessible by means of telephone and gave precise, reliable and straightforward data. Be that as it may, this organization never followed up with us through phone or email after our underlying request. Furthermore, it never reacted to our email request.

Repairing your credit won't do much good on the off chance that you keep similar propensities that got you into inconvenience in any case. That is the reason one of The Credit People's qualities is its supplemental training materials. Its site has credit and fund themes to enable you to find out about this industry so you can feel more responsible for your accounts. It likewise gives an instructive blog; however at the season of our audit, it is not routinely refreshed. We likewise valued the guide on how FICO ratings are computed, which can enable you to settle on great spending and charging choices later on.

Cost and Fees

This credit repair organization has exceptionally competitive rates. At the season of this audit, the cost every month was $59, with a setup expense of $19. Both of these costs are among the slightest costly in our survey. On the off chance that you join as a couple for this administration, each of you gets $20 off your first month's installment, for an aggregate discount of $40.

The Credit People does not charge you an expense for pulling your credit report; that cost is canvassed in its setup expense. This organization has no extra charges other than its month to month expense and setup charge, and it offers an unconditional promise, which we considered an or more as that exhibits this organization will stand behinds its administration.

Time period

Similarly as with any credit repair benefit, the time you go through working with The Credit People relies on upon the quantity of things you have to dispute, to what extent it assumes the acknowledgment agencies to react to the question and different components. (Remember that credit departments and leasers are legitimately required to react to question inside 60 days after the dispute is documented.) According to organization delegates, the normal time customers go through working with The Credit People is six to seven months, however this will change contingent upon your own particular circumstance and what number of things you have to question.

Rather than having a one-measure fits-all approach, The Credit People surveys your acknowledge report for you amid a free counsel and together you make an arrangement in light of your credit report and what hits you feel are wrong. The number of items The Credit People dispute every month varies upon the arrangement you make together. In the event that your questioned hits are incorrect or can't be demonstrated by the loan bosses (creditors), you should hope to get results from the disputes within 45 days.

Program Details

This credit repair benefit does not offer a portion of the program components of other top administrations. For example, it does not offer monthly credit observing or wholesale fraud insurance, both of which can enable you to abstain from requiring a credit repair organization. In any case, it offers pay for delete negotiations, which is the place the credit repair organization consults with your creditors to reach an agreement where you pay the obligation as an end-result of the creditor evacuating the negative thing with the departments.

The Credit People will work with your creditors depending upon your arrangement, which can guarantee that the negative items on your credit report are removed permanently instead of temporarily. There is no agreement when you work with this credit repair organization, so you can cross out your administration whenever with no budgetary punishment.


Of the organizations we assessed, The Credit People is one of the best credit repair organizations in view of its competitive prices, instructive choices and the way that it alters its dispute determination procedure to fit your needs. Be that as it may, it does not have a portion of the components we searched for in a credit repair organization, and it was never receptive to our emails.